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Angela Veselov

Angela Veselov

When Angela Veselov was diagnosed with an acute neurological condition, she wasn’t sure where to turn. She was a fit, healthy and active fitness instructor with a six-year-old child.
But, on that ill-fated day of December, Angela was rushed to the hospital when she started experiencing double vision, slurred speech, and weakness in her arms and legs. She remained
in the hospital until she was stable enough to transfer to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital at Martin Health. 

When Angela arrived at HealthSouth Martin, she could barely move and was exhausted by simple actions such as breathing and talking – things we take for granted every day. Since Angela’s mobility was extremely limited, her rehabilitation team had to carefully tailor a therapy program especially for her.

Angela participated in physical and occupational therapy to build her strength back. She had a strong, motivated spirit and exceled in functional mobility exercises and restorative yoga. In the beginning, completing self-care tasks such as bathing and dressing took Angela over an hour. But, after twelve days of intense rehabilitation, and with the support of her
husband, child and HealthSouth team, Angela was able to walk out of HealthSouth Martin with a walker on Christmas Eve – the best Christmas present she and her family could hope for.

Angela continues to work hard and progress in her recovery every day. Now, she can drive, walk on her own, take care of her family and has returned to fitness instruction.

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