Patient Testimonial

Irene Love

Irene Love

It is not often that HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital at Martin Health encounters frequent, ongoing admissions by one patient. But, for patient Irene Love, it’s a part of life.

Irene lives with chronic lung issues and osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become weak and brittle. Because of her osteoporosis, she continues to require back surgeries, which exacerbates her lung disorder. With each surgery comes a visit to HealthSouth Martin so that she can participate in physical and occupational therapies as well as medical and nursing intervention. Through each multidisciplinary program, Irene is better able to regain independence and return home sooner.

Every time Irene chooses to go to HealthSouth Martin, her rehabilitation team creates a personalized plan that focuses on improving her endurance and strength, while helping her regain
the skills she needs to return home with minimal assistance.

Through her visits, Irene has built a great rapport with all members of her HealthSouth team, becoming a beloved patient in return. And it is not just the employees that have grown
fond of Irene. Other patients are inspired and encouraged by Irene’s positive attitude and achievements. Her perseverance shows others that hard work can pay off with good
outcomes, and HealthSouth is the way help you get there.

Irene seldom stays more than a week when she is in to kick-start her independence after each surgery. And she remains thankful to know that HealthSouth Martin is always there
when she needs its higher level of care.

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