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Jan St. Julien

Jan St. Julien

Just as many HealthSouth patients have learned, life can throw you a curve ball, shaking up normal daily routines without warning, tossing you directly into the darkness of the unknown. That’s exactly what happened to Jan St. Julien when she was involved in a serious accident, leaving her with multiple injuries. Living through her own painful nightmare, Jan lost her right leg above the knee, while also encountering a tracheostomy, multiple arm fractures and the reality that she was wheelchair bound.

Frightened by what her future may hold for her, Jan arrived at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital at Martin Health four months after her accident. She could not speak and communicated by writing on a white board. Jan required total assistance with all of her self-care activities such as bathing and dressing, and making transfers.

Although Jan felt a lot of pain at first, she persevered and gradually made progress with daily speech, physical and occupational therapy, gaining strength and confidence. Soon, she was weaned off her tracheostomy tube and was able to use her voice again after going months without saying a word.

While at HealthSouth Martin, Jan completed many milestones with her rehabilitation team—many we often take for granted like transferring onto a regular toilet instead of using a bedpan, dressing without assistance and transferring from the wheelchair to the bed.

In four short weeks of intense rehabilitation, Jan made tremendous strides and returned home using a mobility scooter—the first time she had been home in six months—with the support
of her son.

Jan continues to strengthen at home as she prepares to receive a prosthetic leg in the future.

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