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Jean Rappaport

Jean Rapport

Jean Rappaport was an active member of the community, volunteered as a librarian and remained committed to visiting the gym five days a week. Life was good and plentiful in
activities. Yet, one day in August 2014 as Jean was entering her house, she fell over the front step and fractured her right hip, requiring surgery.

Determined to become independent once again, Jean chose to go to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital at Martin Health three days after hip surgery. When Jean arrived at HealthSouth Martin Health, she required significant assistance with self-care tasks, such as bathing and grooming. Mobility was an issue, too, further confirming that Jean could not care for herself at home alone.

Daily occupational therapy involved Jean learning how to bathe, dress and cook for herself again despite the pain and decreased range of motion in her right hip. Daily physical therapy increased Jean’s ability to move around in bed, mobilize herself safely on a walker, and increase the strength and balance required to care for herself at home.

After just two weeks working with her team of professionals and her personalized therapy program, Jean was able to return home and care for herself, using only a walker for support. She continues to make progress for a full recovery at home and delights in serving her community once again.

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