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Lynne Pringle

Lynne Pringle

Lynne Pringle worked as a realtor in the Florida Keys. She is young and active, and enjoys spending time with her friends, eating at local restaurants and riding her bike.

In just one day, Lynne’s life changed drastically. After experiencing a severe headache, she lied down in hopes of easing the pain, but couldn’t get back up. She
was later found by her close friend and immediately driven to the hospital.

Lynne’s doctor discovered she had an intracranial hemorrhage. She experienced weakness in her left leg, and difficulty speaking and swallowing. While in the hospital, Lynne had a tracheostomy and was given a feeding tube due to respiratory failure and poor nutritional intake. She was in the hospital for a month with severe deficits before transferring to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital at Martin Health.

When Lynne arrived at HealthSouth Martin, She could not walk, eat, talk or perform self-care tasks. Despite the obstacles ahead, Lynne was determined to reclaim her independence and go back home to New York with her husband.

Lynne was incredibly motivated and worked hard  during each therapy session. A typical day for her at HealthSouth Martin included more than three hours of physical, occupational and speech therapy. Lynne quickly made a strong recovery. After three weeks, she was able to eat a regular diet, completed self-care tasks like bathing, grooming and dressing with minimal
assistance and walked out of HealthSouth Martin using only a walker.

Today, Lynne continues to progress in her recovery by participating in outpatient therapy. She is thankful to HealthSouth Martin for getting her back home and with the people she loves quicker than she thought was possible. And eventually, Lynne met her goal of returning to New York.

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