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Jason Self

Jason Self

As a young father and husband, Jason Self enjoyed an active life, staying busy with a steady job and a family he loved. With so much going for him, Jason never imagined that a motorcycle accident would send his life into a tailspin on a chilly January day in 2014.

Jason suffered a traumatic brain injury in the accident, sending him to the hospital for two months. When he was finally stabilized, Jason moved to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital at Martin Health for intensive therapy and a chance to regain the life he once knew.

Upon admission, Jason could barely use his right side and was severely weakened from being in the hospital so long. He required total assistance with all self-care needs such as bathing and toileting. He endured issues with mobility and decision-making. In addition, Jason was unable to swallow, requiring the insertion of a PEG tube for nutrition. Gradually, with daily speech, physical and occupational therapies, Jason relearned how to swallow and feed himself and began to take care of his  own needs with assistance from his team.

Following two months of personalized treatments, Jason graduated from HealthSouth Martin and continued therapy sessions for further progress. And to his rehabilitation team’s delight, Jason returned for a visit in early 2015, walking into the hospital on his own. With respect for his amazing accomplishments, his team added Jason’s photo to the hospital’s distinguished Wall of Fame, a well-deserved honor.

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