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Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones

Tamara is passionate about working with young children and works full-time as a guidance school counselor. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her large family. Tamara spends every day helping children; she never imagined she would need help herself one day.

One evening at home, Tamara was suffering from a severe headache and went to bed early. When she did not wake the next morning, her family members began to worry. They called 9-1-1 and Tamara was rushed to the hospital. She had experienced an aneurysm and began to bleed in her brain. Once in the emergency room, she underwent surgery to stop the bleeding.

Unfortunately, Tamara was left with the inability to use the left side of her body. She was unable to eat and had difficulty communicating. As a result, she was given a tracheotomy and a feeding tube. Tamara was at an intensive care hospital for over a month before transferring to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital at Martin Health. She was very debilitated and required extensive nursing care.

The entire interdisciplinary team had to work closely to develop the best plan of care for Tamara due to her significant disabilities. Her HealthSouth at Martin Health team included dietary, pharmacy, doctors*, case managers, nursing and a variety of therapies. Speech therapy began working on her cognition, communication skills and ability to swallow. Physical and occupational therapy worked together on her mobility and self-care. Although Tamara and her family knew that she had a long road to recovery, she and her rehabilitation team never gave up.

Tamara was motivated to return home and be with her family – going anywhere else was not an option. After working extensively with the rehabilitation team, she had gone from being completely dependent to walking with an assistive device, assisting with dressing and eating a normal diet.

Tamara is currently home again with her family after being away in an acute hospital for many months. She is receiving home health services and will soon begin outpatient therapies to continue with her goals of regained independence. Tamara’s sister is also assisting with her needs at home. Through it all, Tamara never gave up on her recovery and HealthSouth at Martin Health never gave up on her.

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